I've Got Baseball On My Mind

This week my mind has been just about everywhere, and quite frankly the last thing I want to do right now is focus on school related topics. Therefore, I think it's about time I dedicate a blog post to Baseball.

The start of the season is so close I can almost taste it. My excitement can hardly be contained, while I wait for the calendar to turn to April 3rd. While the start of the season will be as exciting as always, this season there are several uncertainties for the Cardinals.

The what seems like never ending thumb issues with Molina continue to raise concern. Will he be ready for opening day? Will he still be able to perform at the level we are all accustomed too? Will these issues drive him to an early retirement? All of these questions are running through my head on a regular basis. Since Matheney and Mozeliak are releasing limited information on the return of Molina, we can only hope he is improving at the right pace.

As if we didn't have enough thumb issues for one team, Peralta went and injured his thumb too *Insert tear marks on page* With the recency of his injury it is definite he will not be ready for the start of the season. There is also not much on how much of the season the team will be without their consistent shortstop. The higher ups have indicated they will start out by relying on moving up guys from the minors to fill the gap. If that fails they will then turn to a trade deal. That method is being challenged now though as several great shortstop candidates are suddenly finding themselves on the open market. Therefore, another uncertainty arises. Who will fill that spot come April 3rd?

The last issue I want to address that seems like the craziest of them all is Matt Holliday playing first? An outfielder playing first actually isn't that uncommon, as that switch happens sometimes. What seems crazy is that someone in their mid thirties, who's who career has been position in the outfield, is now making the jump to first. I guess I am up for whatever will prolong his career, because who's favorite Holliday isn't Matt? (I couldn't resist the cheesy saying) The question now is what happens to our two other first basemen on the roster?

As you can see there are so many questions, and only a short amount of time until we find out! As surprising as it might sound, sitting down and writing about all of this really helped me destress and not worry so much about the craziness that will be coming as the semester comes to a close.

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