Pictures with a Perspective

This week I was faced with the task of putting my newly acquired photography skills to the test. I didn't realize the importance of lighting and composition until I learned more about them. I never imagined I would be able to take photos with such great quality while only using an iPad. 

As you scroll through this post you will find how each perspective can tell a different story. 

Close up: For my close up picture I chose this shot of beer being poured into a glass. The picture was actually taken inside, but you would never know that because of the immense amount of natural light I took advantage of. My favorite part of this photo was is how the closeness allows you to see every bubble created by pouring the beer.

Framing: I'm not going to lie, the framing picture was the hardest to execute. Trying to find the perfect subject with the perfect framing was not easy. Luckily that was all solved when I found this awesome flower and bush. The leaves act as a great frame, and still allow the flower to stand out and remain the focus.

Leading Lines: The moment I saw this interesting alley and staircase I knew it had to be used for my leading lines. I am so thankful that my mom was willing to be my subject for this one. To me this seemed like the perfect opportunity for a leading lines photo because of all the different lines that come together and draw your eye to my lovely subject. From the lines of the stairs, to the brick wall, and even how the paint draws a line, it all leads you right where I want the eye to go.

Perspective: In this shot, it really shows how a different perspective can change the whole feel of a picture. This is the same glass of beer used in the close up picture, but they are both so unique. The presence of the foam on top gives off a mysterious feel. You find yourself questioning what coulld be lying below this foam.

Rule of Thirds: For the rule of thirds I wanted to do something a little outside the box. I came across the idea of the mirror shot, but was a little against it at first because I don't really look my best in the shot. Then I realized I shouldn't be ashamed of how I look in this, because this is real life; messy hair, no make up, and the lack of a perfect smile. This picture will never be perfect, I will never be perfect, and life will never be perfect, but I'm okay with that.

The best kind of school assignments are ones that leave you with skills that can be useful in every day life. Thanks to Kellie Stanfield I will never again post an awful Instagram picture.

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