Hello World!

For the sake of anyone who might stumble upon this blog, I thought it would be necessary to briefly introduce myself and the meaning of my blog.

I'm Allison Sousan, a current undergraduate Journalism student at Mizzou. I hope to one day pursue a career in Sports PR, preferably baseball. I am from the St. Louis area and have been a Cardinals fanatic my whole life.

I decided to allow my passion for baseball to be present in the name of my blog. As most baseball fans will know, the walk up song is what is played right before the players step up to the plate to do their part in the game. To me, this relates to the time I will spend in college. The brief period of time I have before I really step up to the metaphorical "plate" that is the real world.

While this blog has been started for the purpose of my J2150 class, I hope to provide fun and interesting information that will be a snapshot into the life as a college student.

Stay tuned for what will come next!

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